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Photo of Professor Daniel Ogden

Professor Daniel Ogden



01392 724207

Professor of Ancient History; Honorary Research Fellow, UNISA


Principal research areas:

(1) traditional narratives in antiquity;

(2) Greek religion;

(3) Macedonian and Hellenistic Dynasties.

For my publications click the 'Research' tab (not the 'Publications' tab), right. Enquiries are welcome from prospective PhD students.

I am a member of the network Núcleo de Estudos da Antiguidade, State University of Rio de Janeiro, and a Research Associate of the Waterloo Hellenistic Centre.


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My wife is Dr Eriko Ogden, Honorary University Fellow in the department.

Research interests

My principal research fields are:

(1) traditional narratives in antiquity;

(2) Greek religion;

(3) Macedonian and Hellenistic Dynasties.

One or more of these fields is touched upon in most of my existing publications, the list of which offers a more particular guide to my research interests:



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Research collaborations

I am:

1. Honorary Research Fellow, UNISA (University of South Africa).

2. Research Associate,The Waterloo (Canada) Hellenistic Institute.

2. Member of the network Núcleo de Estudos da Antiguidade, State University of Rio de Janeiro,

Research students

I am happy to consider supervising PhD theses on a broad range of topics in Greek History, Literature and Religion. My existing publications ('Research' tab) are the best guide to my own particular interests.

I have hitherto supervised PhD theses on the following subjects: 'The Representation of Demagogues in Old Comedy'; 'Aspects of Women in Herodotus'; 'Women, Warfare and Power in Hellenistic Historiography'; 'Theriomorphic Cults of Thessaly and Arcadia';  'Magic and the Roman Emperors';  'Anodoi : the Return of Heroes from the Underworld'; 'The Seleuicids, their Coins and their Gods'; 'Travel Narratives in the Second Sophistic'; 'The Agenda of Xenophon’s Anabasis'; 'Alexander the Great in Early Christian Literature'; and 'Late-Antique Ante-Homerica.'

I have external-examined PhDs, nationally and internationally, on the following subjects: 'Medea in Silver-Latin Literature'; 'Rationalisation of Greek Myth'; 'Returns from the Dead in Greek Tragedy'; 'The Decline of Delphi'; 'Kingship and Representation among the Diadochi'; 'Ghosts in Greek Tragedy'. 'Monsters in Greek Literature'; 'The Alexander Romance in Persian Tradition'; and 'The Apophthegms of Philip II.'