Photo of Professor Karen Ni-Mheallaigh

Professor Karen Ni-Mheallaigh



Extension: 4491

Telephone: 01392 724491

My research interests are rooted in the world of the ancient imagination. I explore the different ways in which ancient fictional writing interacts with its context, e.g.

1) how fiction interacts with its contemporary written culture, especially through pseudo-documentary fictions;

2) intersections betweeen ancient scientific and imaginative thought;

3) ancient 'wonder-culture,' namely the fascination with the fantastic that might be true, the conversion of the fantastic into reality and ways of creating the experience of fiction in ancient visual, material and literary culture.

Much of my research has focussed on the works of Lucian of Samosata.

As well as Greek and Latin language, I teach modules related in ancient narrative, novels, ancient astronomical thought, paradoxography and wonder-culture.

I am on leave on a Marie Curie research fellowship at the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (Denmark) 2014-2016, during which time I am working on my research project, Discovering the ancient scientific imagination.