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Professor Neville Morley

Public engagement

I am developing a project to make use of extracts from the work of the ancient Greek historian Thucydides as a basis for promoting critical debate about politics, citizenship and power in schools. This includes performance of a special adaptation of The Melian Dialogue (see this version) and other key passages, and will involve the creation (in collaboration with teachers) of a range of written and web-based resources. I am also working on a series of YouTube videos, both talking about Thucydides and presenting extracts from his text in new formats.

I blog regularly about my research, about the reception of Thucydides and his potential relevance to contemporary issues, and about anything else that catches my interest, at, and on Twitter @NevilleMorley. I also seek to correct misquotations and misappropriations of Thucydides on Twitter, via the Thucydiocy Bot (@Thucydiocy).

Contribution to discipline

Associate Editor, Classical Receptions Journal.

Area Editor for Economic History, Oxford Classical Dictionary Online.

Network Co-Chair for 'Antiquity' section of the European Social Science History Conference (

Ancient History editor, Epistula (online magazine of the Roman Society)

Editorial Board, Classical Receptions in Twentieth-Century Writing, Bloomsbury.

Editorial Board, Thoukidideia, Vandenhoek & Rupprecht

Scientific Committee, Anticipation 2017 Conference