Photo of Professor Elena Isayev

Professor Elena Isayev

Research students

• Claude Kananack (USA)        

            Cataline’s Co-Conspirators

• Antonio Leonardis (Canada)        

            Uncovering Messapian Identities in Pre-Roman Italy: A Case Study in the Salento region of Puglia, South East

• Antonio Montesanti (Italy)                 

            Borders, limits, thresholds, frontiers: an assessment of the concept of boundary in the Classical World

• Rafael Scopacasa (Brazil)        

            Mortuary practice and socio-cultural identity in the ancient central Apennines 

• Chris Siwicki (UK)                 

            Architectural Restoration and the Concept of Built Heritage in Imperial Rome

• Chiara Strazzulla (Italy)                         

            Etruscan ethnicity and self-representation in the Middle and Late Republic

• Charlotte Young (UK)                     

            Snapshots of Ruins: the use of photoarchaeology as a scientific tool