Dr Emma Nicholson

Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History


Extension: 4440

Telephone: 01392 724440

I am an Ancient Historian and work mainly on Hellenistic history and historiography. My research interests include Polybios, Philip V of Macedon, the Antigonids, ancient Macedonia, Hellenistic kingship, rhetoric and interstate relations. 

I am currently working on converting my PhD thesis (completed in Jan 2016) into a monograph entitled Philip V of Macedon in Polybios' Histories

My next research project is entitled ‘Polybios and the Challenge of Change’. It will produce the first full-scale investigation of Polybios’ Histories as a response to the challenges of political and social change faced by the ancient Mediterranean after the collision of Greece and Rome in the third and second centuries BC - the key change being the transition from a world subject to Hellenistic kingdoms to a world subject to Rome. The aim is to explore Polybios’ work from a new perspective: not just as a treatise on imperialism, but also as one on the nature of change and how to cope with it.