Staff profiles

Academic Staff
Professor Barbara Borg Greek and Roman art and iconography; Topography of Rome; Roman tombs and burial customs; art and text; Roman Egypt
Dr Nicolo' D'Alconzo Greek novels; ekphrasis; literature of the Imperial age; rhetorical theory and practice; phantasia
Dr Katharine Earnshaw Latin hexameter poetry (esp. Lucan, Virgil, Lucretius); space and landscape; cognitive humanities; Classical reception in the long eighteenth century
Dr Richard Flower Roman and late Roman history; religious identity; late-antique and Christian 'patristic' literature, especially invective and heresiology; the many and various forms of authority
Dr Gabriele Galluzzo Aristotle, ancient and medieval metaphysics; ancient theories of truth; contemporary metaphysics
Dr Ian Goh Latin literature; Roman cultural history; verse satire; Tibullan elegy; Roman vomit
Dr Claire Holleran Roman social and economic history; the city of Rome; ancient retail; demography; labour history; urban economies
Professor Elena Isayev Human mobility; Migration; Identity and memory; PreRoman Italy; Roman Republican history; Archaeology and material culture; Fine art; Citizenship; Spatiality; Place; Connectivity; Sanctuary
Dr Daniel King History of the body; ancient medicine; history of emotion; pain; literary and cultural theory; classical reception
Professor Rebecca Langlands Latin literature; Roman cultural history; Roman ethics; exempla and exemplarity; sexuality and gender; Classical reception
Dr David Leith Ancient medicine; philosophy; papyrology
Dr Sharon Marshall Latin literature (especially epic, elegy and the novel); Translation Studies; the reception of Latin literature in Early Modern France; women writers; the history of the book
Dr Katherine McDonald Ancient Italy; fragmentary languages of ancient Italy, especially Oscan, Venetic and Etruscan; linguistic and cultural contact in the ancient world; ancient migration; personal names; Greek and Roman comedy; epigraphy
Professor Lynette Mitchell Greek politics; the intersection of Greek social and political history; Greeks and barbarians; Panhellenism and identity; Greek constitutional forms
Professor Neville Morley Ancient economic and social history; the reception and influence of ancient texts and examples in the modern world; reception of Thucydides; theoretical and methodological approaches to ancient history
Professor Karen Ni-Mheallaigh Ancient fiction; book-culture; lunar narratives; Lucian; Greek and Roman novel
Professor Daniel Ogden Traditional narratives in antiquity; ancient religion and magic; Macedonian and Hellenistic dynasties
Dr Martin Pitts Roman archaeology (esp. Britain); globalization; consumption practices; material culture (esp. pottery); health & inequality; quantitative methods
Dr Erica Rowan Archaeology; archaeobotany; Roman food, nutrition, and health; economies of food production and trade
Dr Christopher Siwicki Classical architecture; ancient built environments; the cultural role of architecture; the concept of heritage in Roman society
Professor Matthew Wright Greek and Roman poetry and drama; ancient literary criticism; fragments; quotation culture
Support Staff
Charlie Rushforth
Emeritus Professors
Professor David Braund
Professor Christopher Gill
Professor Stephen Mitchell
Professor Richard Seaford
Professor John Wilkins
Professor Peter Wiseman
Honorary University Fellows
Dr Altay Coskun
Dr Paul Curtis
Mr David Harvey
Dr Saskia Hin
Dr Kristin Leith
Dr Robin Nadeau
Dr Eriko Ogden
Dr Paul Scade
Dr Richard Stoneman
Dr Tim Whitmarsh