Postgraduate research students

In Classics and Ancient History at Exeter we're proud of the research carried out by our PhD students. There are currently around 20 PhD students in the Department, many of whom maintain an online personal profile detailing their research activities. Follow the links below to find out more about them and their research projects.

Student Research title Lead supervisor
Andrea Argenti Aristotle's Metaphysics Z from the Standpoint of his Theory of Definition Dr Gabriele Galluzzo
Andrew Ballantine Graeco-Roman medicine and its long-lasting relationship with western natural philosophy Dr David Leith
Luigi Barzini Frogs and Bacchae: civil violence, mystery rituals and theatre in the last year of the polis. Professor Lynette Mitchell
Philip Diaz-Lewis Examine closely the question of whether an Aristotelian philosophy might argue in favour of aesthetic objectivism, that is, beauty as an objective quality rather than merely in the eye of the beholder. Dr Gabriele Galluzzo
Taylor Fitzgerald The Use of Dynastic Connections in Representations of Imperial Legitimacy, AD 284-366 Professor Richard Flower
Maria Fragkaki A study of the external relations of Crete during the Hellenistic era Professor Daniel Ogden
Maria Gisella Giannone Democracy and Democratic Language in Isocrates Professor Lynette Mitchell
Marcelina Gilka A Study of Colluthus, The Abduction of Helen Professor Daniel Ogden
Elisa Groff Female Sexual and Reproductive Health in the 6th-century Christianity Professor Rebecca Langlands
Antonio Leonardis Uncovering Italic Identities in Pre-Roman Italy: A Case Study in the Salento region of Puglia, South East Professor Elena Isayev
William Lewis
James Lloyd
Luca Mazzini The Macedonian identity in the memory of the Hellenistic foundations and in the ancient tradition (188 B.C. - 235 A.D.) Dr Filippo Carla
Patrick Ussher A reappraisal of Stoic oikeiosis, the theory of ethical development, in theory and in practice. Dr David Leith