The Ancient Bibliocosm

Greek Tragedy and Quotation

Matthew Wright

This project stems from Professor Matthew Wright's existing interests in Greek literature, fragmentary drama, ancient literary criticism and modern literary theory. The ultimate aim of the project is to open up 'quotation studies' as a fruitful area of research activity in ancient literary and cultural studies. By building on insights from recent theoretical work on intertextuality and citation, it aims to establish a new, methodologically sophisticated approach to quotation within the sphere of classical scholarship, and also to mark out a distinctively classical space within the emerging field of 'quotation studies'. It may well be that this project will act as a springboard for future work in classical reception studies, and that it sets the scene for further collaborative projects with colleagues in other disciplines, but for the time being, in the interests of manageability, this inquiry is limited to the sphere of reception within classical antiquity. Even so, a considerable range of Greek and Latin authors and texts fall within the range of the project, including comedians, orators, philosophers, literary critics, historians, ancient scholars, compilers of anthologies and encyclopaedias, etc. At the heart of the project is a simple question, which is of the utmost relevance to any reader, scholar, student or critic: that is, what are we doing when we quote?