The Leventis Initiative

The A. G. Leventis Foundation have for some years funded postgraduate studentships at Exeter, currently held by Christian Djurslev (2012-15), Taylor Fitzgerald (2014-17) and Elisa Grolf (2015-18). There is also now a Leventis-funded initiative on the impact of Greek on non-Greek culture in antiquity. This supports a lecturer, Dr Dan King, and an associate research fellow, Dr Erica Rowan. Dan King works on the reception of Greek culture, both in the Hellenistic world (Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt) and the post-Enlightenment Europe (especially Victorian Britain).

Former staff linked to the initiative include: Dr Myrto Hatzimichali, whose research focuses on intellectual life and scholarship in first century BC Alexandria and its influence in the Mediterranean World; Dr Boris Chrubasik, who works on the history of the Eastern Mediterranean from the Achaemenid to the late Hellenistic period, with a particular focus on the history of power from both a central and a local perspective; and Dr Gaelle Coqueugniot works on public centres, administration and archives in the Hellenistic world, especially in the Seleucid kingdom.

On 9-12 September 2013, an international conference was held at Exeter on the impact of Greek on non-Greek culture entitled Dialogues between Greece and the East. Drs King and Chrubasik are now in the process of preparing an edited volume on cultural interaction and change in the Hellenistic World: Cultural Interaction in the Hellenistic Period. In 23 – 25 April, 2015 a conference was held on Rhetoric and Religious Identity in Late Antiquity; an ensuing volume is being edited by Dr Richard Flower and our Theology colleague, Dr Morwenna Ludlow.