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Classics and Ancient History is proud to have been awarded a Bronze Award on the Gender Equality Charter Mark (GEM) trial run conducted by the Equality Challenge Unit.


Research events play an important role in our active research culture. Academic staff from the University and other institutions come together with students to share and debate the latest ideas and developments.

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7 December 202117:00

Antigonid Network Seminar

Manuela Mari on "Interactions between Antigonid kings and local authorities" (epigraphy). Full details
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8 December 202111:30

Classics & Ancient History PhD workshop: presentations from our new PGRs

Full details
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9 February 202211:30

Knowledge and boundaries in early Greek philosophy: the cases of Parmenides, Melissus and Philolaus

with Shaul Tor (KCL; hosted by the Centre for Knowledge in Culture in Antiquity and Beyond). Full details
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18 March 202210:00

Experience through Metaphor: cultural histories of emotion and the body in antiquity

This online one-day symposium seeks to explore the cultural responses and metaphors of the relationships between bodies and emotions in the ancient world, and the theoretical approaches which we as scholars can use to understand these issues: Full details
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