MA Classics and Ancient History modules

These Classics and Ancient History modules are an example of what you may be able to study as part of this programme. While they are representative of the choices which will be available to you during your degree, you should note that modules may change depending on the research interests of staff and timetabling constraints.

Module code Module title Credit Module tutor/convenor
CTHM007 Research Methodology  30 Dr Martin Pitts
CLAM009 Greek Tragedy  30 Prof Matthew Wright
CLAM012A Latin Epic  30 Dr Sharon Marshall
CLAM034 Fast-Track Greek  60 Prof Daniel Ogden
CLAM038 Independent Reading in Greek & Latin Authors  30 All Classics staff
CLAM043 Dissertation  60 Dr Martin Pitts
CLAM046 The City of Rome  30 Dr Elena Isayev
CLAM056 Food and Culture: Ancient and Modern  30 Prof John Wilkins
CLAM100 History Through Art and Archaeology  15 Prof Barbara Borg
CLAM101 The Western Dragon in Lore, Literature and Art  15 Prof Daniel Ogden
CLAM102 Hellenistic Culture and Society - History  15 Dr Daniel King
CLAM103 Hellenistic Culture and Society - Literature  15 Dr Daniel King
CLAM104 Cultural Transformations in Late Antiquity  15 Dr Elena Isayev
CLAM105 Migration and the Migrant through ancient and modern eyes  15 Dr Richard Flower 
CLAM106 Ancient Philosophy: Truth and Ancient Thought  15 Dr Gabriele Galluzzo
CLAM107 Roman Myth  15 Dr Sharon Marshall
CLAM108 Rome: globalisation, materiality  15 Dr Martin Pitts
CLAM109 Visions of Rome: Uses and Abuses of the eternal city  15 Dr Claire Holleran
CLAM201 Classical Language & Texts: Greek I  30 Dr Gabriele Galluzzo
CLAM202 Greek II  30 Dr David Leith 
CLAM204 Greek III  30 Dr Richard Flower  
CLAM205 Greek IV  30 Dr Richard Flower 
CLAM251 Classical Language & Texts: Latin I  30 Dr Sharon Marshall
CLAM252 Latin II  30 Dr Sharon Marshall
CLAM254 Latin III  30 Dr Sharon Marshall
CLAM255 Latin IV  30 Dr Richard Flower