The Ancient Greek Novel (CLA3259)

15 credits

Do you love tales of romance and adventure? Desperate and beautiful heroines, swashbuckling heroes, dastardly pirates, conniving femmes fatales– and goats? The ancient Greek novels offer it all: thrilling entertainment, hermeneutic challenge, titillation, redemption – and much more besides. Umberto Eco describes the novel as ‘a machine for generating interpretation’, and these texts speak deeply to us of human experience: of sexuality and gender, of the character and transformation, of identity, art, fiction and salvation. If you believe literature has something important to say to us - if you love getting lost in the world of interpretation – then this may be the module for you.   

There are no formal prerequisites for this module, but imagination, intrepid curiosity and a commitment to the transformative power of fiction (and love) are a must.