Impact of Greek Culture (CLA3256)

15 credits

How did Greek culture interact with other non-Greek cultures in the ancient world? In this module, you will be able to examine both the historical phenomenon of cultural interaction, but also raise questions about your own assumptions about the importance, and ‘impact’ of Greek culture. This course will investigate cultural interaction in a number of historical contexts: Ptolemaic Egypt; Jewish literature from the Hellenistic and Roman periods; the last century of the Roman republic; and Imperial Greek culture of the second/third centuries AD. In examining these contexts, it will also ask you to ask questions how cultural interaction is represented not only by ancient authorities, but also by the modern academy and contemporary political and social debates. You will be given a considerable amount of freedom to formulate your own questions and investigate the ‘impact’ of Greek culture in various research projects. While there are no co-requisites for this course, the Reception of Greek Culture follows on from it nicely: CLA3258.