Photo of Dr Camille Mathieu

Dr Camille Mathieu

Research interests

My research is centered on the materialities of imperialism. My current book project addresses the impact of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars (1794-1815) on the Nachleben of Antique art in the contemporary production of French academic art in Rome.  Artists whom I focus on include Ingres and Géricault, as well as sculptors like David d’Angers and architects like Menager. The book further investigates the ways in which the Napoleonic seizures of Antique art in Rome, as well as the excavations undertaken there, serve as evidence of -- and provided a theorectical justification for-- a particular model of empire imagined by the French in a period during which they began divest themselves of their colonies.

My next book project focuses on the representation of imperial archaeology as it was performed in French Indochina and as it was exported back to France.

Other research interests include primitivism as it functions in the early twentieth century and drawing theory.  I have done extensive research on Picasso throughout my career, first at MoMA (2005), then the Frick Collection (2011), and most recently at LACMA (2017); I have published essays on drawing as manifestation of progress and process (2013).