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Why study Art History and Visual Culture at Exeter?

Art History and Visual Culture is an exciting interdisciplinary initiative which incorporates a number of established subject areas, including art history and cultural studies. It particularly appeals to students with a background or interest in the history of art, creative practice, cinema, cultural history, philosophy, sociology, and to all those keen to understand the importance of images and artefacts in our lives.

Our research in Art History and Visual Culture draws upon the expertise of our core art historians and also of colleagues from across the Humanities disciplines with research interests in Visual Culture, so our students have opportunities for cross-disciplinary research in collaboration with other relevant fields of study. Our diverse research specialisms include art and architectural theory, historic and contemporary arts practices, museology and curatorship, art and technology, photography, performance, popular culture, visual representations of ethnicity, gender and sexuality, and visual cultures from the classical era to the present.