Photo of Dr S. Yoshi Maezumi

Dr S. Yoshi Maezumi

Research Fellow


Extension: 5973

Telephone: 01392 725973

CV for Dr S. Yoshi Maezumi

My research is focused on Paleoecology, paleoclimatology, Amazonia, neotropics, biogeography, disturbance regimes, systems theory, neotropical pollen, phytolith analysis, Global Charcoal Database, stable isotopes, neotropical archaeology, anthropogenic climate change.

My teaching focuses on inspiring students to engage in their learning process by opening dialogues that encourage them to explore the natural and anthropogenic linkages between humans and the environment on different spatial and temporal scales.

My research uses paleoecological sediment proxy records including pollen, phytolith, stable isotope, charcoal, LOI, magnetic susceptibility, and lithological analysis to advance the understanding of long-term natural and anthropogenic paleoecological variability in the Neotropics.