Professor Stephen Rippon

Research supervision

I supervise research students studying a range of topics across a broad range of fields including:

  • Romano-British, medieval and post medieval landscapes
  • The archaeology of South West Britain
  • The Roman to medieval transition
  • Wetland archaeology and landscapes
  • Historic landscape characterisation

Please contact me on if you are interested in undertaking research.

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Research students

1996 – 1999: David Musgrove, PhD, The Medieval Exploitation of the Peat Moors of the Somerset Levels (co-supervised with Prof Bryony Coles)

1998 – 2002: Martin Gillard, PhD, (co-supervised with Dr Bob Higham) The Medieval Landscape of the Exmoor Region: Enclosure and Settlement of an Upland Fringe

2001 – 2005: Judith Cannell, PhD, The Archaeology of Woodland Exploitation in the Greater Exmoor Area in the Historic Period

2002 – 2006: Adam Wainwright, PhD, Created Landscapes: Using the Past in Post-medieval Designed Landscapes (AHRC studentship, co-supervised with Dr Oliver Creighton)

2001 – 2006: Brynmor Morris, PhD, The Roman-Medieval Transition in the Essex Landscape: A Study of Persistence, Continuity and Change

2001 – 2007: Lucy Ryder, PhD, Change and Continuity: A Study in the Historic Landscape of Devon (co-supervised with Prof Tony Brown in Geography)

200 2 – 2008: Chris Smart, PhD, Continuity over Crisis: The Landscapes of South Gloucestershire and South East Somerset in the Late and Post-Roman Periods (AHRC studentship)

2004 – 2008: Alan Lambourne, PhD: A Puzzle Indeed: A Study of the Incidence and Origins of Regional variation within the Historic Landscape of Southern England

2011 (June-November): Robert van de Noort: North Sea Archaeologies

2008 - 2012: Richard Sandover The Evolution of the Historic landscape of Devon

2009-2013: Duncan Wright (AHRC BGP studentship) The landscape of Middle Saxon England

2011 – 2012: Bob Silvester (PhD by Publication) Landscape Archaeology in Wales

2007 – 2014 (part time: Lesley Harding, MPhil: Water as a Resource: The Significance of Milling in the Early Medieval Landscape of the South-West Midlands of England (co-supervised with Prof M Aston)

2009 (April) – present (part time) Jo Pye The Landscape of Place-names in Cornwall

2009-present (part time): Gill Cobley The history of archaeology in Devon

2009-2013: Fiona Fleming, Field of Britannia Project studentship¨ A Persistence of Place: A Study of Continuity and Regionality in Roman to Early Medieval Settlement Transition across the Rural Provinces of Britannia

2010-2014: Kate Mees (AHRC BGP studentship) The The early medieval funerary reuse of prehistoric and Romano-British landscapes in Wessex

2010-2014: Owain Connors The landscapes of lordship in Wales

2011- present (part-time): Maddy Knibb Field-names in Somerset

2011 – present (part-time): Carole Jane-Marie Lomas Early medieval churches in Somerset

2012-present (part-time): Phil Treveil, Local and regional variation in landscape character: the significance of the Tamar Valley.

2013-present (part time): Andy Marggetts, Specialist Grazing Settlements

2015-present: David Marshall,The Landscape of the Isle ofWight

2015-present: Eddie Procter, Monastic Landscapes in the Welsh Marches

2015-present: Saah Stainer, From Tinners to Antiquarians

2015-present: Robert Watrerhouse,The Landscape of Jersey