Professor Alan Outram

Research supervision

Professor Outram supervises research students in the following subject areas:

Zooarchaeology, palaeoeconomic archaeology, experimental archaeology, hunter-gatherer and early farming societies (particularly pastoral ones). Geographical areas of interest include Europe, Central Asia and the Northern Plains of N. America.

Research students

I am currently supervising the following research students:

Xuelei Li: The Comparative Study of the Zooarchaeology of the Fox

Malene Lauritsen: The faunal remains from Exeter city

Philip Kiberd: The MSA site of Bundu, South Africa.

Belinda Tibbetts: Palaeopathology of infants

Rosalind Le Quesne: Dental x-ray applications in osteoarchaeology


Past students include:

Dr Emily Johnson (Linearbandkeramik Faunal Assemblages), went on to a post-doc here in Exeter.

Dr Hayley Foster (Butchery Patterns at Medieval Castles), now a staff zooarchaeologist for Oxford Archaeology

Dr Ashleigh Haruda (Bronze Age Pastoralism in Central Asia), is now undertaking a post-doc in Halle, Germany..

Dr Pip Parmenter (Faunal remains from Etton and Staines Neolithic causewayed enclosures), now works freelance on archaeological reports.

Dr Faye Sayer (née Simpson) (community archaeology excavations), who is now a senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Dr Penny Cunningham (prehistoric nut storage), went on to be a project manager for community archaeology projects, here in Exeter.

Dr Jodi Reeves-Eyre (née Flores) (the nature of replicative experiments in archaeological research), went on to a post-doc at Arizona State University.

Dr Landon Karr (early Paleoindian bone flaking technology in North America), went straight to an assistant professorship at Augustana College, South Dakota, USA.

Dr Wendy Howard (the role and exploitation of small mammals in prehistory)

Dr Chris Carey (geochemical survey in relation to ancient metal working), is now a senior lecturer at the University of Brighton.

Dr Tine Schenck (Experimental archaeology and organic material culture).

Dr Julia Heeb (experimental study of copper axe-adzes in SE Europe), now the experimental archaeologist at archaeological open air centre Museumsdorf Düppel in Berlin.

Dr Theresa Kamper (Determining tanning technologies from microscopic dermal fibre analysis), now leading primitive techology workshops across Europe.

Dr Cindy Bradley (Funerary archaeology in SW United States)

Dr Jennifer Watling (environmental archaeology in Brazil), is now undertaking post-docoral research in Brazil.

Dr Genevieve Hill (wetland Archaeology of NW Coast America/Canada), is now anthropology collections manager at the Royal British Columbia Museum.