Professor Alan Outram

Head of Archaeology, Associate Professor of Archaeological Science


Extension: 4398

Telephone: 01392 724398

Alan Outram is an environmental archaeologist and palaeoeconomist who specialises in zooarchaeology (the analysis of archaeological animal bones and understanding past human/animal relations). His most recent work has been on tracing the domestication of the horse in Central Asia, and studying the development of pastoral societies in Kazakhstan. He is also engaged on a major new project called 'NeoMilk' which is examining the introduction and spread of cattle-based agriculture by early Neolithic Linearbandkeramik (LBK) farmers and its implications for modelling the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in Northern and Central Europe during the 6th millennium BC.  As well as covering many aspects of archaeological science he also teaches modules on hunter-gatherers and early farmers where he combines anthropological and archaeological approaches. He also leads many of our students on regular training excavations in South Dakota, to excavate on an early agricultural village site.

Alan is the inaugural editor-in-chief of new Maney journal Science and Technology of Archaeological Research (STAR).