Photo of Dr Ioana Oltean

Dr Ioana Oltean

Research supervision

Dr Ioana Oltean supervises research students in the following areas:

  • the archaeology of the Roman Empire
  • late Iron Age archaeology
  • settlement patterns
  • GIS
  • archaeological remote sensing

Research students

Current students:

Joshua Bryant: An Empire Made Safe: the Roles of the Late Antique Roman Fortified Structures in the Eastern Frontier Region

Adrián Mauricio Oyaneder Rodriguez: Pre-Hispanic landscape of the Camarones River Valley: the study of a longterm human occupation


Past students:

Jonas Gregorio de Souza: Pathways to power in the southern Brazilian highlands: architectural diversity, function and change in Taquara/Itarare ceremonial centres

Richard Sandover - Mapping Devonshire at Domesday