Dr Ioana Oltean


Since 1998 Dr Ioana Oltean undertakes aerial reconnaissance in Romania to detect archaeologically-significant cropmarks which allow the detailed mapping of sites and landscapes.  Previous funding came from British Academy (2005-2007). Ioana is part of ArcLand International network (formerly Archaeolanscapes Europe network funded between 2010-2015 by EU).

Between 2011-2015 Ioana was the leader of the Ipplepen Archaeological Project, which combined systematic excavation and non-invasive survey in order to increase our understanding of this prehistoric and Roman settlement. Find out more about this project at http://ipplepen.exeter.ac.uk/ and https://en-gb.facebook.com/IpplepenArchaeologicalProject. A collaboration with British Museum, Portable Antiquities Scheme and Devon County Council Historic Environment Office, this project includes a summer archaeological field school and provided extensive opportunities for volunteering for the local community.

 Since 2013 Ioana is co-directing the archaeological investigations at Colonia Dacica Sarmizegetusa (Romania).Currently investigations focus on the palace of the financial procurator of Dacia and include summer school opportunities for advanced student training as part of the Erasmus+ project From Theory to Practice - International Teaching in Field Archaeology in Roman Sarmizegetusa (FIT in Archaeology). This is a collaboration with The National Museum of Transylvanian History (Cluj Napoca, Romania), Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj Napoca, Romania), Heidelberg University (Germany) and University of Vienna (Austria).