Dr Robert Morkot


My teaching is informed by my broad background in the history of the ancient (mainly Eastern) Mediterranean, Near East, and North East Africa. I use both textual and archaeological sources, sites, and artefacts, rather than taking a 'texts or artefacts' approach. My interests in interconnections, trade, and cultural influences ensures that I do not teach one region (eg Egypt) in total isolation. My interests in the historiography of the discipline, and the Western 'reception' of the past, means that I happy to challenge received opinions and interpretations, and I encourage a questioning approach to the subjects. Through those interests in 'reception' I try to link ancient cultures with more recent ones, though discussion of the reinvention of architectural, literary, and musical forms and works.

I come from a background and period that did not encourage displays of (false and over-)enthusiasm in teaching: I do not regard lecturing as the equivalent of appearing on a TV talent competition. My somewhat dry (and very occasionally sarcastic) sense of humour does, however, appeal to many students - when they eventually get it. My enthusiasm for my subject is expressed in my very beautiful powerpoints, filled with interesting and sometimes unexpected images and literary or musical references.


Modules taught