Dr Robert Morkot

Research supervision

I am interested in supervising research in:-

  • Historiography and intellectual development of Egyptology
  • Travellers in Egypt and the Near East and their contributions to research and understanding
  • Ancient Kush (Nubia) and Meroe
  • Libya

My most recent PhD was Ahmed Abdelkariem who prepared a management plan for the large and important site of  Cyrene in Libya. This will be the model for heritage management and community engagement with the archaeology of Cyrenaica in at time of severe difficulties for the preservation of ancient sites in the country.

I curremtly supervise PhD students working on the history and and development of Egyptology in Ireland, and on the hundreds of granite statues of the goddess Sakhmet carved for the temple of Amenhotep III on the West Bank of the Nile at Luxor.