Photo of Professor José Iriarte

Professor José Iriarte

Research supervision

I supervise PhD students in the following subject areas: 

·         Latin American Archaeology (in particular lowland South America)

·         Archaeobotany (in particular phytolith and starch grain analysis)

·         Coupled human and environment systems

·         Climate Change Archaeology

·         Plant Domestication, Dispersal of Agricultre

Research students

Recently completed:

Rafael Corteletti:  'Upper Canoas Archaeological Project: A Study of the Jê presence on the Santa Catarina Plateau' (Projeto Arqueológico Alto Canoas: um estudo da presença Jê no planalto catarinense) CNPq PhD Studentship, MAE-USP (São Paulo, Brazil), University of Exeter (started 2010).

Ciprian Ardelean 'Spatial, Chronological and Cultural Frames Concerning the Archaeology of Hunters-Gatherers during the Early Lithic Stage: A Reassessment of the Pleistocene Human Occupation on Central-Northern Mexico'.

Priscilla Ulgim Ferreira 'The Analysis of cremated remains from the southern Brazilian highlands: A study of sites RS-PE-21, RS-PE-29 and SC-AG-108? MA in Archaeology', Wenner-Gren Foundation/College of Humanities, University of Exeter.

Phillip Riris 'Predictive modelling in Misiones Province, Argentina using GIS: a case study of the Taquara/Itararé tradition' (MA in Archaeology).


Jennifer Watling:  'Environmental impact of the pre-Columbian geoglyph builders of western Amazonia'. AHRC PhD studenship, Fox Fund-College of Humanities, University of Exeter.

Jonas Gregorio de Souza: 'Caminhos para o poder nas terras altas do sul: diversidade arquitectonica, funcao e mudanza nos centros ceremonias Taquara/Itarare' (preliminary title - started 2013). CAPES PhD studentship.

Lautaro Hilbert:  'Amazonian Dark Earth Agroecosystems do Amazonas Central' (preliminary title started 2013). CAPES PhD studentship.

Daiana Travassos:  'Santarem Culture Amazonian Dark Earth Agroecosystems of the Lower Tapajos' (preliminary title). CAPES PhD studentship.