Photo of Dr Hajnalka Herold

Dr Hajnalka Herold

Research supervision

I am happy to supervise research students for PhD/MPhil/MRes degrees in the following areas

  • late antique and early medieval archaeology (AD 400–1100)
  • archaeometric analysis of ceramic finds from any geographical and chronological background
  • experimental archaeology of pottery

Funded studentships are available for UK, EU, and international students – please consult the University of Exeter's Postgraduate Funding Database at and/or send me an email (for the email address see the Overview tab).

Currently, I am looking for a strong candidate for a PhD project on the theme of 'Ceramics archaeometry in early medieval central Europe, 8th–10th centuries AD', with a planned start date in September 2019. Please email me if you are interested in this opportunity.

Research students

PhD/MPhil/MRes students

  • Dora Szabo – Household archaeology of 5th- to 6th-century AD settlements in central Europe (first supervisor, since 2017, SWW DTP Studentship)
  • Teodora Polyak – Ceramics archaeometry in early medieval eastern Austria (Exeter supervisor, since 2017, Exeter-Cranfield Studentship)
  • Leah Moradi – Human and animal depictions in Anglo-Saxon art in the light of theories of material culture (first supervisor, since 2017)
  • Clara Freer – Functionality of Bronze Age pottery (second supervisor, since 2017)
  • Stephen Armstrong – An exploration in the cultural diversity within southwest Britain during the late Roman/early medieval period (second supervisor, since 2016, Collaborative Studentship)
  • Sarah Stainer – From tinners to antiquarians: an archaeological analysis of the evidence for medieval and later attitudes toward prehistoric features on southern Dartmoor (second supervisor, since 2015)
  • Robert Waterhouse – The landscape archaeology of islands in physically and culturally remote zones (second supervisor, since 2015)
  • Dr Carlos Salgado Ceballos – Ceramic production and circulation in Colima, Mexico, AD 500–1000 (second supervisor, completed in 2017, CONACyT Studentship)
  • Dr Jacqueline Veninger – Norman colonialism and Welsh identities (second supervisor, completed in 2015)

Supervised MA and BA Dissertation topics

  • Pagan apotropaic objects and their incorporation into the Christian world in conversion-period England
    Winner of the 2015 Geoff Egan Prize of the Finds Research Group, United Kingdom, awarded in recognition of extraordinary potential in the field of finds research in the post-Roman to modern periods.
    Shortlisted for the 2015 John Hurst Prize of the Society for Medieval Archaeology for the best Undergraduate Dissertation in Medieval Archaeology in the United Kingdom.
  • A study of the training area used by the Machine Gun Corps at Elveden Estate, near Thetford
  • Millefiori beads in Viking-age Scandinavia
  • Viking-age glass beads from Gotland, Sweden
  • Experimental archaeology of Viking-age glass beads
  • Viking-age ship burials in the British Isles and Norway
  • Silver armrings in Viking-age hoards from northern England
  • Women warriors in Viking society: an assessment of archaeological and written sources
  • Human depictions on Anglo-Saxon metalwork
  • A survey and comparison of Anglo-Saxon cemeteries in East Anglia and Wessex
  • Roman and Romano-British pottery in early medieval grave contexts at Ipplepen, Devon
  • The fall of the Western Roman Empire: an archaeological and historical perspective
  • The contribution of the Portable Antiquities Scheme to the archaeology of the Roman period in Somerset
  • Experimental archaeology of Near Eastern faïence objects