Photo of Dr Sarah Elliott

Dr Sarah Elliott

Research interests

I am an environmental archaeologist and a geoarchaeologist. My research focuses on the investigation of ancient anthropogenic and animal signatures during the transition from hunter-gatherer communities to the first farming villages. I specialise in phytolith analysis, micromorphology, geochemistry (pXRF), faecal spherulite and smear slide analysis, and geo-ethnoarchaeology.

My research predominantly focuses on the Middle East, investigating early Neolithic communities in the Levant and the Zagros mountains. My research also has a strong focus on ethnoarchaeology and recent cultural heritage using a multi-method scientific approaches. Although much of my work to date has focused on the Neolithic I have been involved on a wide range of projects spanning the epipaleolithic up until the Medieval period.

Research collaborations

PAST, Univerity of Exeter (

INEA project (,t Bournemouth University/CBRL

CZAP (, University of Reading


Medieval Abbey site on Iona (University of Glasgow)

Pictish fort at Dunnicaer (University of Aberdeen)

Silchester Roman site (, University of Reading

WF16 project (, Univerity of Reading

Inner Hebrides Project (, University of Reading

East Islay Mesolithic Project (, University of Reading