Professor Robin Dennell

Research interests

China: My current main research interest is in China, where I have close links with the Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology (IVPP), Beijing. I have been collaborating with a Chinese team in the Loess Plateau of Central China, looking for artefacts more than a million years old. This material is being prepared for publication, as is a co-edited special issue of Quaternary International on the proceedings of a conference held in June 2013 in Yinchuan, Inner Mongolia, on early Homo sapiens in Northeast Asia. 

Out of Africa 1 and 2: Human evolution in Europe and Asia is envisaged as the product of two major dispersal events: by Homo erectus, ca. 2.0-1.8 million years (Ma) ago (Out of Africa 1) and by our own species, Homo sapiens in the last 100,000 years (Out of Africa 2). My interests in these dispersals developed from my fieldwork in Pakistan, and are reflected my book “The Palaeolithic Settlement of Asia” (Cambridge University Press, 2009) and several papers.

Pakistan: I began investigating the Palaeolithic of Pakistan in 1981, and was appointed Field Director of the British Archaeological Mission to Pakistan in 1988, eventually conducting 12 field seasons of fieldwork in northern Pakistan, spanning 24 months, with another 12 months of study trip. The last field season was in 1999.

This research has been published in several papers, and as two major monographs: Palaeolithic and Pleistocene Investigations in the Soan Valley, Northern Pakistan (with H. Rendell and M. Halim (1989); British Archaeological Reports (International series) 544, 1-346; and in 2004, Early Hominin Landscapes in Northern Pakistan: Investigations in the Pabbi Hills; British Archaeological Reports (International series) 1265, 1-454.