Photo of Professor Oliver Creighton

Professor Oliver Creighton

Research supervision

Professor Creighton supervises postgraduate research students working in the following areas: castle studies; medieval archaeology; landscape archaeology; medieval towns; buildings archaeology; conflict archaeology; and designed landscapes.

Research students

Oliver supervises the following research students

2010–present: Richard Parker, PhD, Post-Medieval Church Interiors in Devon

2010–present: Robert Clarke, PhD, Cold War Archaeology in the South West

2011–present: Jacqueline Venininger, PhD, Conflict Landscapes on the Anglo-Welsh Marches.

2011–present: Scott Chausee, MPhil, Early Medieval Landscapes in Sussex

2012–present: Richard Nevell, PhD, The Slighting of Medieval Castles.

2012–present: Leonard Sidebottom, MPhil, Heritage Conservation of European City Walls

2013–present: David Stone, PhD, Landscapes of Medieval Rabbit Warrening

2013–present: David Gould, Early Medieval Urban Landscapes in Mercia and Wessex


Graduated research students

2010–12: Margaret Wilby (part-time), MPhil, Control, Co-Operation and Conflict: An Interdisciplinary Study of Later Medieval Urban Water Management in Britain, AD 1066–1540.

2011–12: Katherine Hollinghurst, MRes, Anglo-Norman Monastic Landscapes in Wales.

2008–11: Michael Fradley, PhD, The New in the Old: Urban Castles in Britain.

2008–11: Imogen Wood, PhD, Changing the Fabric of Society: Ceramics in Early Medieval Cornwall.

2007–11: Martin Goffriller, PhD, The Castles of Mallorca: Territorial Control on an Islamic Island.

2008–10: Samuel Walls, PhD, The Materiality of Remembrance: 20th-Century War Memorials in Devon.

2006–10: Simon Foote, PhD, Early Medieval Urbanism in South-West England.

2002–06: Adam Wainwright, PhD, Created Landscapes: Using the Past in Post-Medieval Designed Landscapes.