Photo of Professor Oliver Creighton

Professor Oliver Creighton


In terms of fieldwork, Oliver has a particular interest in archaeological survey, including earthwork survey and geophysics, and has worked extensively in the UK as well as in Italy, Spain, Jordan and Libya.

In the spring of 2017, Professor Oliver Creighton and a team from the Department of Archaeology will be carrying out the first ever geophysical survey of Exeter’s Cathedral Close to map its ‘lost’ archaeology. Working in partnership with the Cathedral authorities, the survey aims to produce new information on the area’s development between the Roman and post-medieval periods while building practical skills for students that can boost employability and be transferred into the workplace. The work will have a high public profile and a positive social, cultural and educational impact by promoting understanding of archaeological fieldwork and what it can tell us about historic Exeter.  The research root of the work is the lead academic Professor Creighton’s interest in the origins, topographies, development and changing status of open spaces within medieval towns, as demonstrated by his published work on the AHRC-funded Wallingford Burh to Borough Research Project.