Professor Bruce Bradley


I have had a varied and extensive experience in fieldwork in many areas of the world.  I began my work in the American Southwest with formative society sites but quickly expanded into Palaeoindian sites in the American High Plains and Rocky Mountains.  I have continued this work intermittantly though four decades with 12 field seasons of excavation at the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in Colorado. Along with this I had the opportunity to participate in Palaeolithic excavation projects in France, Lebanon, Spain, England and Russia.  In the past several years I have focussed on Paleoindian investigations in Central Texas (the Gault Project of which I was Co-director), director of a project in Maine and collaborator in investigations of remains on the Eastern Seaboard and the submerged continental shelf, USA.  I am also collaborating on Paleoindian research, including excavations, in São Paulo State.  I have taken University students and amateur archaeologists on many of these projects.  I will continue excavtion projects and involved students and amateur archeologists.