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Professor Bruce Bradley

Contribution to discipline

Over the years I have actively engaged with the academic community through peer reviews of publications (Journal of Archaeological Science, Antiquity, American Antiquity, etc) and grant proposals (National Science Foundation, USA, National Geographic, etc.), member or examiner on PhD boards outside the University of Exeter including for Lund University, Sweden, Southern Methodist University, USA, University of Colorado, Denver, Washington State University, USA and the University of Cambridge.  I currently have an Associate Researcher appointment at the Smithsonian Institution, USA and am Adjunct Faculty at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, India and Adjunct Professor at Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD, USA.  I am a editorial board member of the journal Ethnoarchaeology.  I have been active in a number of amateur archaeological societies (co-foundr of a Colorado Archaeological Society chapter) and was a member of the Colorado Historic Preservation Review Board (Govenor's appointment).  I have been ivited to give research presentations at most UK university archaeological departments as well as throughout Europe, Central Asia, Siberia, North America and South America.

As an exper flintknapper I have contributed to innovations in analytical methods and as an Anthropologist I am currently invistigating the application of the process of Revitalization Movements as a mechanism of culture change in pre-contact societies in North America.


I have had a lot of media experience primarily participating in documentaries.  Over the years this has included productions in many countries such as Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Germany, the US and the UK.  My most recent appearances have been in BBC's The Incredible Human Journey with Prof. Alice Roberts ( Prehistoric Autopsy (Homo erectus) with Prof. Alice Roberts and Dr. George McGavin (  I also appeared, with Exeter students, in Channel 4's Secrets of Stonehenge (  With the release of my recent book, Across Atlantic Ice, there was extensive international media coverage; some examples being: the Washington Post Feb 2012; Boston Globe 18 March 2012; New Scientist March 2013; Smithsonian Magazine Feb 2013; Muy Interesant (Spanish Language popular science magazine; amongst many others.