Carly Ameen

Research interests

Carly is a postdoctoral research associate on the “Easter E.g.” project, which is a collaborative ARCH funded research project, lead by Professor Naomi Sykes. The project is investigating the the cultural and biological importance of the introduction of European lagomorph species (rabbits and hares) into Britain and their association with the spread of the traditions and symbols associated with Easter.

Carly’s work focuses on the zooarchaeological analysis of lagomorph remains from key archaeological sites across England to provide a deeper-time perspective on the impact of these ‘alien species’ both today and in the past. Her research combines traditional zooarchaeological methods with geometric morphometrics and stable isotope analysis to reconstruct changing human-lagomorph relationships.


Research collaborations

“Exploring the Easter E.g.- Shifting Baselines and Changing Perceptions of Cultural and Biological ‘Aliens’”, PI Prof. Naomi Sykes, University of Exeter (AHRC).


“Deciphering dog domestication through a combined ancient DNA and geometric morphometric approach”, PI: Prof. Greger Larson, Oxford University (NERC)


"Understanding Cultural Resilience and Climate Change on the Bering Sea through Yup’ik Ecological Knowledge, Lifeways, Learning and Archaeology" ELLA Project, PI: Dr. Rick Knecht, University of Aberdeen (AHRC)