Staff profiles

Academic Staff
Professor Bruce Bradley Experimental archaeology; flaked stone technology; American and Eurasian prehistory
Professor Oliver Creighton Medieval castle studies; medieval landscapes and townscapes
Dr Laura Evis Osteoarchaeology, Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology
Dr Hajnalka Herold Early medieval archaeology (AD 400-1100); archaeometry; experimental archaeology
Professor Linda Hurcombe Experimental archaeology; lithics; functional analysis; gender issues
Professor José Iriarte Environmental archaeology; South American prehistory
Dr Gillian Juleff Archaeometallurgy, Experimental Archaeology, South Asian Archaeology
Dr Marisa Lazzari South-Central Andean prehistory and material culture
Dr Catriona McKenzie Osteoarchaeology, Palaeopathology, Funerary Archaeology
Dr Robert Morkot Archaeology and history of Egypt and Nubia; History of archaeology; Historiography; Libya
Dr Ioana Oltean Roman archaeology; Dacia; aerial survey
Professor Alan Outram Zooarchaeology, Bioarchaeology, Prehistoric Economies
Professor Stephen Rippon Landscape archaeology in the Roman and medieval periods
Part-time Teaching Staff
Dr Christopher Smart
Research Staff
Dr Lukas Holata Marie Curie Fellow
Dr Salman Saeed Khan Associate Research Fellow – ERC Project 'Pre-Columbian Amazon Scale-Transformations'
Dr S. Yoshi Maezumi Associate Research Fellow – ERC Project 'Pre-Columbian Amazon Scale-Transformations'
Dr Mark Robinson Associate Research Fellow – ERC Project 'Pre-Columbian Amazon Scale-Transformations'
Support Staff
Dr John Davey Lab Manager
Anna Matheson Lab Technician
Gayatri Simons
Emeritus Professors
Professor Bryony Coles
Professor Anthony Harding
Professor Valerie Maxfield
Academic staff in other Departments with archaeological expertise
Professor Barbara Borg Classics; Classical Art and Archaeology
Dr John Cooper IAIS; maritime archaeology and the medieval Arab world
Professor Tim Insoll IAIS; African and Islamic Archaeology
Professor Elena Isayev Classics; pre-Roman Italy, ancient Mediterranean
Professor Emma Loosley Theology; late antique archaeology of Syria
Dr Martin Pitts Classics; Roman Archaeology in NW Europe
Dr Erica Rowan Classics; archaeobotany; Roman food, nutrition and health
Dr Christopher Siwicki Classics; classical architecture and ancient built environments
Honorary University Fellows
Mr John Allan Honorary University Fellow
Dr Ciprian Ardelean Honorary University Fellow
Dr Sheahan Bestel Honorary Associate Research Fellow
Mr Duncan Coe Honorary Associate Research Fellow
Dr Penny Cunningham Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Astolfo Gomes De Mello Araujo Honorary Senior Lecturer
Professor Robin Dennell Honorary University Fellow
Dr João Fonte Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Mr Derek Gore Honorary University Fellow
Ms Frances Griffith Honorary University Fellow
Ms Teresa Hall Honorary Associate Research Fellow
Dr Ashleigh Haruda Honorary University Fellow
Dr Robert Higham Honorary University Fellow
Mr Jeremy Hodgkinson Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Sriperumbudur Jaikishan Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Christopher Knüsel Visiting Professor
Mr Philip Knibb Honorary Associate Research Fellow
Mr Rodney Lane Honorary Associate Research Fellow
Dr Maria Martinez Okumura Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Barbara Ottaway Visiting Professor
Ms Ivy Owens Honorary University Fellow
Dr Jonathan Prus Honorary Research Fellow
Mrs Henrietta Quinnell Honorary Research Fellow
Paul Rainbird Honorary University Fellow
Miss Helana Ryan Honorary University Fellow
Dr Lucy Ryder Honorary Research Fellow
Mr Richard Sandover Honorary Associate Research Fellow
Dr Prakash Sinha Honorary University Fellow
Dr Dennis Stanford Visiting Professor
Dr Steven Trick Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Samuel Turner Honorary University Fellow
Dr Iain Watt Honorary Professor
Mr Martin Watts Honorary Associate Research Fellow
Dr Imogen Wood Honorary Research Fellow
Ms Danielle Wootton Honorary University Fellow
Dr Duncan Wright Honorary Research Fellow