Staff and researchers

Academic staff

Prof. José Iriarte
Prof. Christopher Knüsel
Prof. Alan Outram
Prof. Robin Dennell

Honorary staff

Dr. Louise Loe, Oxford Archaeology
Jackie McKinley, Wessex Archaeology

Research postgraduates


  • Cynthia Bradley: ‘Remaking the Mazeway: A Study of Skeletal and Mortuary Evidence from the Ancestral Pueblo Site of Wallace Ruin (Colorado, USA)’
  • Johann Matzke: ‘Murderous Gentlemen: The Written Word and its Role in Forming Noble Identity’
  • Phillippa Stone: ‘An Evidence-led Approach to Intrasite and Intrafeature Spatial Distribution of Disarticulated and Fragmented Animal Bone on Prehistoric Sites in East Anglia’
  • Jennifer Watling: Environmental impact of the pre-Columbian geoglyph builders of western Amazonia (AHRC PhD studenship, Fox Fund)
  • Lautaro Maximilian Hilbert: Amazonian Dark Earth Agroecosystems do Amazonas Central (CAPES PhD studentship)
  • Daiana Travassos: Santarem Culture Amazonian Dark Earth Agroecosystems of the Lower Tapajos. (CAPES PhD studentship)
  • Emily Johnson: Linearbandkeramik Faunal Assemblages
  • Pip Parmenter: Animal remains from Neolithic causewayed enclosures
  • Ashleigh Haruda: Bronze Age Pastoralism in Central Asia
  • Hayley Foster: Comparing Butchery Patterns at Medieval Castles
  • Belinda Tibbetts: Human Palaeopathology


  • Dr Landon Karr: Idenitifying human-induced bone fracture on mammoths in America
  • Dr Penny Cunningham: Prehistoric hazel nut storage
  • Dr Wendy Howard: ‘Commensal or Comestible? The Role and Exploitation of Smaller, Non-ungulate Mammals in Early European Prehistory: Towards a Methodology for Improving Identification of Human Exploitation'