Staff and researchers

Academic staff

Dr Laura Evis
Prof. José Iriarte
Dr Catriona McKenzie
Prof. Alan Outram

Honorary staff

Prof. Robin Dennell
Dr Sheahan Bestel
Ms Ivy Owens
Dr Iain Watt

Research staff

Dr Salman Saeed Khan
Dr S. Yoshi Maezumi
Dr Mark Robinson

Research postgraduates


  • Cynthia Bradley: ‘Remaking the Mazeway: A Study of Skeletal and Mortuary Evidence from the Ancestral Pueblo Site of Wallace Ruin (Colorado, USA)’
  • Lautaro Maximilian Hilbert: Amazonian Dark Earth Agroecosystems do Amazonas Central (CAPES PhD studentship)
  • Daiana Travassos: Santarem Culture Amazonian Dark Earth Agroecosystems of the Lower Tapajos. (CAPES PhD studentship)
  • Emily Johnson: Linearbandkeramik Faunal Assemblages
  • Hayley Foster: Comparing Butchery Patterns at Medieval Castles
  • Belinda Tibbetts: Human Palaeopathology
  • Gillian Cuthbert: Enriching the Neolithic: The Forgotten People of the Barrows
  • Mandy Kingdom: The Past People of Exeter: Health, Social Standing and Well-being in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period
  • Malene Lauritsen: Exeter from fort to city: a faunal perspective
  • Xuelei Li: Fox Trails through time
  • Regina Gonda: Pre-Columbian Amazon-Scale Transformations 

Recent research postgraduates:

  • Landon Karr: Idenitifying human-induced bone fracture on mammoths in America
  • Penny Cunningham: Prehistoric hazel nut storage
  • Wendy Howard: ‘Commensal or Comestible? The Role and Exploitation of Smaller, Non-ungulate Mammals in Early European Prehistory: Towards a Methodology for Improving Identification of Human Exploitation'
  • Jennifer Watling: Environmental impact of the pre-Columbian geoglyph builders of western Amazonia (AHRC PhD studenship, Fox Fund)
  • Johann Matzke: ‘Murderous Gentlemen: The Written Word and its Role in Forming Noble Identity’
  • Phillippa Stone: ‘An Evidence-led Approach to Intrasite and Intrafeature Spatial Distribution of Disarticulated and Fragmented Animal Bone on Prehistoric Sites in East Anglia’
  • Pip Parmenter: Animal remains from Neolithic causewayed enclosures
  • Ashleigh Haruda: Bronze Age Pastoralism in Central Asia