Postgraduate research students

In Archaeology at Exeter we're proud of the research carried out by our PhD students. There are currently around 45 PhD students in the Department, many of whom maintain an online personal profile detailing their research activities. Follow the links below to find out more about them and their research projects.

Student Research title First supervisor Second supervisor
Tara Draper-Stumm Statues of the goddess Sekhmet Dr Robert Morkot
Emmet Jackson The Irish contribution to the study of Egyptology in the nineteenth century: with specific reference to Lady Harriet Kavanagh. Dr Robert Morkot Dr Marisa Lazzari
Eloise Kane
Philip Kiberd Professor Linda Hurcombe Professor Alan Outram
Michael Legge
Carole Lomas Reconstructing the development of the early medieval Church, with Somerset as a case study Professor Oliver Creighton Professor Sarah Hamilton
Peter Northover ENCLOSURE IN THE BRIDE VALLER, DORSET, FROM THE 12TH TO THE 17TH CENTURIES Professor Stephen Rippon Professor Oliver Creighton
Bruce Rusch Cultural settlement pattern behaviour reconstruction of the Potter Paleoindian site and its relationship to the Israel River Complex sites using lithic analysis. Professor Bruce Bradley Professor José Iriarte
Charlotte Vendome-Gardner Depictions of Fluteplayers in Rock Art: Placing the Image back into its Original Context Professor Bruce Bradley Professor Oliver Creighton