Case study: Lautaro Maximilian Hilbert

Doctoral Candidate in Archaeology, commencing September 2013

Dissertation title

Amazonian Dark Earth Agroecosystems do Amazonas Central

About me

I have been involved in zooarchaeological and archaeological research in South Brazil for over 4 years. I took my Undergraduate and Masters course in Biological sciences in the Pontifical University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Before I got involved in archaeology, I studied Ictiology, Entomology, Mastozoology and Herpetology. Alongside my interest in analysing zoological structures, I got involved in my studies by helping in the identification of archaeological animal remains in the laboratory of archaeology in the Science and Technology Museum of Porto Alegre. Combining my knowledge in zoology, especially ictiology, I took my masters research in Ictioarchaeology, which granted me the degree in Masters of Science. My dissertation adviser was Carlos Alberto Santos de Lucena, Icthyologist curator of the Science and Technology Museum of Porto Alegre. My dissertation was focused on identifying all the fish-related remains (bone, tooth, otolith and scales) in three chronologically different shellmounds, and, by doing so, trying to obtain a correlation between them.

Right after I defended my Masters dissertation I got involved in Amazonian archaeology. As a biologist I got interested in expanding my overall knowledge in the different interdisciplinary (bioarchaeological) studies that archaeology aims. In so doing I began my PhD in Paleobotany in the University of Exeter with José Iriarte.

Summary of professional and research experience

I specialise in analysing south Brazilian zoological (mainly ictiological and malacological) remains and their evolutionary relationship.

Relevant publications

Hilbert L. M. and Lucena, Z. M. S. de Uma Abordagem Zooarqueológica no Estudo dos Ossos de Peixes na Cultura Sambaquiana In: VI Encontro SAB Sul – Núcleo Regional Sul da Sociedade de Arqueologia Brasileira, 2008, Tubarão-SC. SAMEC-editora, 2008. p.68 – 68

Hilbert L. M. Análise Ictioarqueológica Dos Sítios: Sambaqui Do Recreio, Itapeva E Dorva, Municípios De Torres E Três Cachoeiras, Rio Grande Do Sul. In: IV Mostra de Pesquisa da Pós-Graduação PUCRS, 2009, Porto Alegre. Porto Alege: EDIPUCRS - Publicação Eletrônica, 2009. v. IV.

Hilbert, K. P. K.; Peretti, G. W.; Hilbert, L. M. and Silva, L. A. Anealise Ictioarqueológica dos Sambaquis: Itapeva, Recreio, Sereia do Mar e Figueira, 2011. (Relatório de pesquisa).

Hilbert, L. M. Manual Básico de Identificação da Ictiofauna dos Sambaquis do Rio Grande do Sul, 2011.

Hilbert, L. M; Peretti, G. W.; Hilbert, K. P. K. and Silva, L. A. Pescadores e Pescados: Teorias e métodos Ictioarqueológicas no litoral norte do Rio Grande do Sul. PUCRS: Porto Alegre, 2011.