Jonas Gregorio de Souza

Case study: Jonas Gregorio de Souza

Dissertation title

Pathways to power in the southern Brazilian highlands: architectural diversity, function, and change in Taquara/Itarare ceremonial centres

Principal supervisor

Professor Jose Iriarte

Second supervisor

Dr Ioana Oltean

About me

I graduated with a BA in History at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in 2009. After that, I continued my studies, completing my MA in Archaeology at the University of Sao Paulo in 2012. I am currently a doctoral student at the University of Exeter, funded by a scholarship from the CAPES Foundation, Ministry of Education, Brazil.

I have been involved in the archaeology of the southern Brazilian highlands since 2006, participating in excavations both in Brazil and Argentina. In my current research project I will survey an unmapped area of southern Brazil and integrate the results into a wider GIS database to test different settlement system models of the Taquara/Itarare tradition. Besides traditional field surveying techniques I intend to use remote sensing and aerial photographs to further reconstruct past landscapes. I will also excavate a recently discovered mound and enclosure complex to investigate changes in mortuary architecture through time and its correlation to the emergence of chiefdoms in the region.

Research interests

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Landscape archaeology
  • Settlement systems
  • Ceremonial architecture
  • Early Formative (Neolithic) societies
  • Emergence of complex societies

Articles published in peer-reviewed journals

2013 "A diversidade dos sitios arqueologicos Je do Sul no estado do Parana". Cadernos do LEPAARQ, 10 (20): 93–130. With Fabiana Terhaag Merencio.

2011 "Aterros e monticulos funerarios Je do Sul". Revista do MAE, Sup 11: 89–94.

2010 "Novas perspectivas sobre a arquitetura ritual do planalto meridional brasileiro: pesquisas recentes em Pinhal da Serra, RS". Revista de Arqueologia, 23 (2): 98–111. With Silvia Moehlecke Cope.

Published book chapters

2011 "Prospeccao arqueologica no baixo vale do rio Iguacu (PR): resultados e perspectivas de pesquisa". In Arqueologia no Sul do Brasil, edited by Arthur Barcellos, Claudia Parellada and Juliano Campos. Criciuma: Unesc, pp. 343–364. With Fabiana Terhaag Merencio.


I have lectured with a temporary contract at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in 2012, teaching archaeology, prehistory, and ancient history for first year undergraduate students.