Carlos Salgado Ceballos

Case study: Carlos Salgado Ceballos

Dissertation title

Regional strategies and interregional dynamics: a study of ceramic production and distribution in pre-Hispanic Colima, Mexico (500–1000AD)

About me

I have been involved in excavations, surveys and research in different regions of Mexico for over ten years. Most of my fieldwork experience was built on rescue and salvage archaeology done in west Mexico. I have a particular interest in the use of archaeometric techniques to gain insight into social issues behind the production and circulation of archaeological materials. For my Masters research I did archaeometric analyses on ceramics and mud bricks recovered at the Late Bronze Age site of Tilla Bulak (southern Uzbekistan), interpreting the results in terms of the likelihood of local ceramic production at the site.

My current research is a continuation of my study of the ceramics from the Colima and Armería phases of the central axis of Colima, Mexico, which started with my Licenciatura thesis. This time I am relying on provenance and technological studies of pottery, and on the spatial and historical analysis of my research area, in order to define network patterns, conduits of communication, and the boundaries, nature and time depth of regions/territories. In short, by exploring the long-term trends in material culture production and distribution I aim to understand archaeological and historical social formations.

My PhD, as was the case with my MSc, is funded by the National Council on Science and Technology (CONACyT) of Mexico. Most of the archaeometric analyses are being done with the support of the Nuclear Research Institute (ININ) of Mexico.

Academic Qualifications

Licenciatura in Anthropology with specialization in Archaeology (Universidad de las Américas-Puebla, Mexico 2009)

MSc in The Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials (University College London, United Kingdom 2011)