Research students

A number of research students are supervised by staff of the Centre for the Archaeology of the Americas. Listed below are the students attached to the Centre, their project titles and links to their postgraduate profiles, where you can find out about their research in more detail.

If you want to find out more about postgraduate research at Exeter, case studies of a number of individual students are also available.

PhD students

Student nameThesis title
Ciprian Ardelean (Mexico) PaleoAmerican survey in Zacatecas
Cynthia Bradley Skeletal and mortuary evidence from the Ancestral Pueblo site of Wallace Ruin
Danielle Davies People and points: an investigation into technological change across a continent
Jodi Flores An Anthropology of Experimental Archaeology (finished)
Jonas Gregorio de Souza Caminhos para o poder nas terras altas do sul: diversidade arquitectonica, funcao e mudanza nos centros ceremonias Taquara/Itarare (CAPES PhD studentship)
Mike Johnson Predictive model of pre-Clovis settlement (finished)
Lautaro Maximilian Hilbert Amazonian Dark Earth Agroecosystems do Amazonas Central (CAPES PhD studentship)
Landon Karr The analysis and interpretation of fragmented mammoth bone assemblages: experiments in bone fracture with archaeological applications (finished)
Ann Oldroyd Knapping learning relating to Clovis
Carlos Salgado Ceballos A study of archaecometric techniques applied mainly to ceramics in Colima, Mexico (500–1000AD)
Daiana Travassos Santarem Culture Amazonian Dark Earth Agroecosystems of the Lower Tapajos. (CAPES PhD studentship)
Jennifer Watling Environmental impact of the pre-Columbian geoglyph builders of western Amazonia (AHRC PhD studenship, Fox Fund)
Thomas Williams
Blade technologies relating to Clovis origins

MRes students

Nancy Velchoff

Kristine Fischer