Past conferences and events

The Centre hosts and organises many international conferences, workshops, symposia and other events. Staff also frequently give presentations. Below is our list of upcoming events; please also see our list of forthcoming conferences and events.

Past events

IX Sesquiannual Conference of the Society for the Anthropology of Lowland South America

Thu 26th - Sun 29th June 2014

Please see the conference website for more information on SALSA 2014.

Rethinking the Andes-Amazonia ‘Divide’: A Cross-Disciplinary Conspectus

Mon 16th - Tue 17th June 2014
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig

79th Annual Meeting Society for American Archaeology

4:00pm, Wed 23rd - Sun 27th April 2014

Find out more about travel and accommodation on the Society for American Archaeology website.

II Congreso Internacional de Arqueologi­a de la Cuenca del Plata

Mon 7th - Mon 14th April 2014
San Jose, Uruguay

Find out more information about the event at the conference website.

Paleoamerican Odyssey Conference

Bruce Bradley, Dennis Stanford, Michael Collins
Thu 17th - Sat 19th October 2013
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Organised and hosted by the Centre for the Study of the First Americans.

Pre-Clovis Conference

Bruce Bradley Dennis Stanford, Michael Collins
Fri 9th - Sat 10th November 2012
Washington, D.C.

For more information, please see the conference website.

The past as a lived space: heritage places, discursive traps and hopeful practices in north west Argentina

Dr Marisa Lazzari and Dr María Alejandra Korstanje
Mon 4th - Wed 6th June 2012
Gothenburg, Sweden

Paper presented at the 1st International Conference of the Association for Critical Heritage Studies, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Atlantiar: giza Arrastoa Europako Ertz Atlantikoan Paleolitoa

Bruce Bradley and Dennis Stanford
Friday 18th May 2012
Donostia, Spain

Please see the conference webpage for more details.

Society for American Archaeology 77th meeting

Bruce Bradley, Michael Collins, Dennis Stanford
Wed 18th - Sun 22nd April 2012
Memphis, Tennessee

Please see the 2012 programme at the Society for American Archaeology's website.

Archaeology of the Formative period in Argentina

Wed 11th - Fri 13th April 2012
Tafí del Valle, Tucumán, Argentina

A meeting to integrate areas and sub-disciplines, review concepts and enhance current research impact.

Dr Marisa Lazzari, García Azcarate, J., and Scattolin, M.C presented 'Imágenes y memoria: las presencias ancestrales en el Formativo'.

Society for American Archaeology 76th meeting

Professor Bruce Bradley
Wed 30th March - Sun 3rd April 2011
Sacramento, California

Download the programme of the 76th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology.

Eksperimentel arkaeologis fremtid

Professor Bruce Bradley
Thursday 24th March 2011
Afdeling for Arkaeologi ved Aarhus Universitet og Moesgard Museum

V International Symposium Early man in America: a hundred years after the Ameghino-Hrdlicka debate (1910-2010)

Professor Bruce Bradley
Mon 22nd - Fri 26th November 2010
La Plata (Argentina)

Professor Bruce Bradley contributed to two sessions at this international symposium. For more information, please see the symposium website.

II Encontro Internacional de Arqueologia Amazonica

Mon 13th - Fri 17th September 2010
Manaus, Brazil

Professor José Iriarte organised the conference and gave a talk entitled 'Late Holocene Neotropical agricultural landscapes:  Phytolith and stable carbon isotope analysis of raised fields from French Guianan coastal savannahs'.

Other speakers included Bruno Glaser, Jennifer Watling, Adam Wainwright, Jago Jonathan Birk, Delphine Renard, Stéphen Rostain and Doyle McKey.

L'ingénierie écologique questionne l'écologie fondamentale

Professor Jose Iriarte
Thu 2nd - Sat 4th September 2010
Montpellier, France

Professor José Iriarte presented the paper 'Ingénieurs humains et naturels d’écosystèmes maintiennent la concentration des ressources et des services écosystémiques dans les champs surélevés précolombiens des savanes côtières de Guyane'. Other speakers included Delphine Renard, Jago Jonathan Birk, Bruno Glaser, José Iriarte, Stephen Rostain and Doyle McKey.

Paisajes Culturales del Formativo Temprano de las Tierras Bajas de Sudamérica

Professor José Iriarte
Fri 20th August - Wed 1st September 2010
Department of Archaeology, Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación, Universidad de la República, Uruguay

Usos Pré-Colombianos da terra e seu impacto na Amazônica Boliviana

Professor Jose Iriarte and F. Mayle
Thu 22nd - Fri 23rd July 2010
Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil

International Symposium on Arqueologia da Amazonia Occidental: Perspectivas Interdisciplinares

Society for American Archaeology 75th meeting

Professor Bruce Bradley
Wed 14th - Sun 18th April 2010
St. Louis, Missouri

XV Congresso da SAB (Society for Brazilian Archaeology). Symposium: Mas allá de los Andes: Monumentalidad y Espacios Públicos en las Tierras Bajas Sudamericanas

Jose Iriarte with Christopher Gillam and Oscar Marozzi
Sun 20th - Wed 23rd September 2009
Belem, Brazil

Professor Jose Iriarte presented the paper 'Monumentos funerarios y festejos rituales: Complejos de recintos y montículos del planalto sur-brasilero y Argentina' with Christopher Gillam and Oscar Marozzi.

74th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology

Jose Iriarte, Christopher Gillam and Oscar Marozzi
Wed 22nd - Sun 26th April 2009
Georgia, Atlanta

Professor Jose Iriarte presented the paper 'Monumental burials and memorial feasting: Mound and enclosures complexes of the southern Brazilian highlands' with Christopher Gillam and Oscar Marozzi.

Archeometrie 2009

Jose Iriarte
Mon 6th - Fri 10th April 2009
Montpellier, France

Professor Jose Iriarte presented the paper 'Agricultural productivity of pre-Hispanic raised-fields: An example from French Guiana'.

Sixth World Archaeological Conference

Jose Iriarte
Sun 29th June - Fri 4th July 2008
Dublin, Ireland

Jose Iriarte, Doyle McKey, Stephen Rostain and Bruno Glaser presented the co-authored paper 'Ecology and archaeology of the coastal savannas of French Guiana: Landscapes co-constructed by man and nature' in Landscapes of Legacy: Archaeological Approaches to Domestication in the Landscape.

CNRS, Programme Amazonie Meeting

Jose Iriarte
Sat 8th - Wed 12th March 2008
Cayenne, French Guiana

Paper title: Ecology and archaeology of the coastal savannas of French Guiana: Landscapes co-constructed by man and nature. Co-authored with Doyle McKey, Stephen Rostain, and Bruno Glaser.