Masters degree programmes in Archaeology

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MA Archaeology Provides the opportunity to study subjects such as landscape archaeology, material culture and a range of options in experimental archaeology, bio- and osteoarchaeology.  Enables you to achieve a standalone qualification, or training for a PhD degree in line with UK Research Council requirements
MSc Bioarchaeology This exciting and fast-advancing field combines archaeology with branches of the natural sciences.  Study key topics such as past health and well-being, diet, ecology, subsistence strategies and environmental impacts.  Develop a broad understanding of these issues through the study of human remains.  Also provides the opportunity to study animal remains and floral/faunal evidence
MA Experimental Archaeology Explore experimental archaeology's potential as a powerful research method, an effective educational tool and an excellent medium for public outreach.  Undertake archaeological, taphonomy and material culture experiments.  Links with museums and independent establishments provide opportunities for practical work

Archaeology modules can also be taken as part of the multi-disciplinary MA in Medieval Studies.