Archaeology postgraduate modules

These Archaeology modules are available to postgraduate students during the current academic year. While they are representative of the choices which may be available to you during your degree programme, you should note they may change depending on the research interests of staff. Depending on your programme you may also be able to choose from modules in other departments.

Module Credits
Advanced Human Osteology 15
Advanced Project 15
Advanced Zooarchaeology 15
Bioarchaeology Dissertation 60
Discovering the Past with Molecular Science 15
Dissertation 90
Dissertation 60
Dissertation in Experimental Archaeology 60
Employability 0
Experimental Archaeology in Practice 1 30
Experimental Archaeology in Practice 2 30
Field Study 15
Forensic Anthropology: Principles and Practice 15
Funerary Osteoarchaeology 15
Landscape Archaeology: Understanding the Historic Environment 15
Material Culture 15
Musculo-skeletal Anatomy 30
Professional Skills in Archaeology 15
Research Design in Archaeology 15
Researching the Historic Environment Online 15
Themes in Archaeological Theory and Practice 15
Zooarchaeology 15