News archive - 2010

Archaeologist uncovers origins of garden design

A University of Exeter archaeologist has revealed the origins of modern garden design in a new book. Dr Oliver Creighton’s book Designs upon the Land: Elite landscapes of the Middle Ages traces the beginnings of designed landscapes back to the Norman period.

Touching the untouchable by virtual artefact handling

Computer interfaces that provide information to the sense of touch offer exciting possibilities for interactive museum displays in which the visitor can handle virtual replicas of museum objects.

New research cuts into origins of iron and steel in India

A small but intrepid team of Exeter staff and students have returned from a six-week archaeological research expedition to a remote region of rural Andhra Pradesh in India.

Investigating Poltimore and its landscape

Detective work on a Grade II* listed country house and its gardens are about to begin as part of a two year research project between the University of Exeter and the Poltimore House Trust.  

Stone Age humans needed more brain power for tool design

Stone Age humans were only able to develop relatively advanced tools after their brains evolved a greater capacity for complex thought, according to a new study investigating why it took early humans almost two million years to move from a razor-sharp stones to a hand-held stone axe.

Discovering the secrets of Stonehenge

A revolutionary new idea on the movement of big monument stones like those at Stonehenge has been put forward by an archaeology student at the University of Exeter.