Reading Stone Tools (ARC2506A)

15 credits

This module is designed as a practical introduction to flaked stone technologies and analysis and is relevant to anyone who is interested in Stone Age and early Metal Age archaeology.  The  Stone Age includes approximately 99.5% of all archaeological time and it is therefore critical to have a basic understanding of stone tools and technologies for most archaeologists.  This module offers an intensive practical experience not available in many programmes because of the wide and deep experience of the lecturers.  The basic abilities acquired in the module are applicable to research, academic teaching and public outreach.

No special prior knowledge or experience is necessary to succeed in this module but an interest in practical skills is recommended.  Summary knowledge gained in the Year 1 introductory modules is however, useful.  There are no specialist pre-requisites and the level of expertise gained in this module will depend both on the interest and motivation of the student.  Each year a number of students extend their interest and the skills gained in this module to dissertation research through the analysis of archaeological collections and/or experimental work.

Reading Stone Tools may contribute to materials research and material culture studies