The Class of 2014 share their favourite memories, tips for new students and next steps...

Congratulations Class of 2014!

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Caitlin Austin

BA Classics, Ancient History and English
"Get stuck in! The world is your oyster."

Johanna Blaze

MA English and American Transatlantic Studies
"I just loved the pleasure of learning and enjoyed being a member of a writers' group."

Eugenie Buchan

PhD History
"The academics were all fantastic and I am going on to publish a book."

Billy Cronin

BA History (Penryn Campus)
"My favourite memory of University is going to Perranporth beach with all my friends - just relaxing, spending the day there and enjoying the sun!"

Holly Dempsey

BA English (Penryn Campus)
"I have now found a job as an Assistant Immigration Consultant!"

Sophie Duncan

BA Modern Languages (French)
"My most vivid memory is visiting the campus on the Open Day - I just knew that this was where I wanted to go."

Jo Ann Esra

PhD English (Penryn Campus)
"My supervisor, Marion Gibson, was fantastic and we have collaborated on a book together"

Harriet Fletcher

BA English (Penryn Campus)
"I can't think of a best memory from my time at Exeter - everything has been great."

Andrew Horton

BA Drama
"I found some great modules on my course, and I've come away from University having learnt a lot and made a lot of friends."

Jonathan Hughes

BA History and Politics
"I walked into my halls for the first time, and met 30 people - and they've stayed my friends for the last three years!"

Katherine Hyland

MA Classics and Ancient History
"I loved everything about the course. I'm going on to work in a library"

Jade Kelsall

BA English (Penryn Campus)
"Graduation was a pretty incredible end to the last three years!"

Chris Lewis

BA History and Politics (Penryn Campus)
"Through the student ambassador scheme, I've met loads of great people and worked on some fun events."

Clare Maudling

MRes Economic and Social History
"I have won a place at Exeter to study for a PhD in economic and social history"

Hannah McGivern

BA Archaeology, Geography and Earth Resources
"Make the most of it, enjoy yourself and take advantage of all the opportunities available because there are so many here at Exeter."

Olivia Moore

BA History and Politics (Penryn Campus)
"Exeter's study abroad scheme is fantastic. As well as being a life changing experience, studying abroad is the perfect way to make international connections. "

Devika Pandit

BA History and Politics
"Make the most of absolutely everything at University."

Elizabeth Rhodes

PhD English
"I had a brilliant supervisor during my studies and I am about to commence a career in teaching"

Peter Routledge

MRes European Language and Culture
“I have great memories of visiting archives in Dusseldorf”

Charlotte Rush

BA History and Politics
"Academic societies make such a difference, and the more you do, the more you’ll get out of it."

Libby Skinner

BA Classics, Ancient History and Theology
"The bonds and friendships that you make here are really special."

Carrie Smith

PhD English Literature
"My academic supervision was very strong. I'm now a Lecturer at Cardiff University!"

Adam Sumnall

BA History and Politics
"Sitting outside on Lopez Lawn in the first year after exams, when it was really sunny - that’s probably the best memory I have of Exeter."

Rovarn Wickremasinghe

MA Western Esotericism
"I studied via distance learning and really enjoyed the conferences. I am hopefully going on to study for a PhD in Exeter."