The Class of 2016 share their memories and advice for new students at Winter Graduation...

Meet the newest additions to our alumni community. Congratulations Class of 2016!

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Charlotte Bean

MA English Literary Studies
"I really love researching and finding out stuff that no one has ever looked into before. Also, spending time in the library!"

Charlotte White

MA English Literary Studies
"I wasn’t very confident when I came here but then I felt that I rose to the challenge. I was supported by my lecturers and met some lovely people."

Gabriel Chin

MA English Literary Studies
"Always enjoy what you are doing for what it is in itself, not because it gives you something which will send you somewhere else."

Gerard Owen

MA Translation  
"Be yourself because it is by being yourself that you become your best self."

Hannah Barr 

MA Theology
"Always go for the option that you think might be more difficult because it ends up being far more rewarding."

Hannah Field

MA Creative Writing
"Take your time in first year, because everyone is homesick but no one tells anyone."

Henry Bartholomew

MA English
"Academia really challenged me, especially my group of friends. It’s been a fantastic experience!"

Matthew Skuse

PhD Classics
"The more you do, the more you'll be able to see at the end of your time here that you’ve tried everything that you could have."

Rebecca Cave

MA English Literary Studies
"My masters has been the highlight of my time here because it was such a close-knit group and everyone got on really well."