Class of 2015

Meet the newest additions to our alumni community. Congratulations Class of 2015!

We would love to hear what you get up to in the coming months and years, and learn about your career and achievements. Stay in touch with us through Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Ben Angell

BA Ancient History
"I've particularly enjoyed opportunities to interact with the very latest scholarship, with teachers actively engaged in research."

Matt Bartlett

BA Theology
"I'm fortunate enough to be able to keep enjoying my time at Exeter next year as I'm doing a Theology MA."

Hannah Burke-Tomlinson

BA Classics
"The best part of university has definitely been meeting such a diverse range of people and making friends for life." 

Pariss Cozier

BA English (Penryn Campus)  
"Try and have as much fun as you can while you’re working."

Amy Cross

BA Archaeology
"Always remember how fortunate you are to simply be at university, and at Exeter, one of the best in country."

Harriet de Laine

BA English
"I’ll miss my friends who are moving on, but I’m very happy to be staying at Exeter."

Catherine Fairfield

BA English (Penryn Campus)
"Use as many of our campus’s resources as possible to make your time here exactly what you want it to be."

George Fishwick

BA Modern Languages (French)
"Make the most of the opportunity to take modules across a range of disciplines, it really enriched my University career."

Alice Fitzgerald

BA Drama
"The opportunity to get experience directing a show for a professional platform has been amazing, the process has been so fun."

Mike Frost

BA History (Penryn Campus)
"Try to make ample time for both work commitments and socialising and your University experience will be highly rewarding."

William Hall-Jones

BA Film
"I found an area that I really love and I can’t wait to explore it more academically."

Lewis Hawes

BA Modern Languages
"I've gone from not speaking a word of Russian to being confident enough to use it at work and keen to learn even more."

Hershil Kotak

BA Classics
"I’ll miss the freedom, my friends, the campus, and I think I’ll miss studying a bit too, weirdly!"

Vivenne Li

BA Modern Languages
"I will miss the beautiful city that is Exeter; the green of the campus and the countryside/city feel."

Dan Manderfield

BA History (Penryn Campus)
"University only lasts three years - you’ll never have this much freedom or this much individuality again, so have fun."

Ellie March

BA Archaeology
"Being involved in student engagement has been one of the most rewarding parts of my university life"

Malcolm McLachlan

BA English
"I have no plans to move away from Exeter, it’s a beautiful city."

Lily McNaught

BA History (Penryn Campus)
"Living and studying in a completely different cultural environment was equally wonderful and challenging."

Musenga Mumbi

BA History and Ancient History
"Be really open-minded, and try as many things as you want, and then through that you’ll have all sorts of different experiences."

Katie Osborne

BA Theology 
"For me, University has been a great time to develop personally, not just academically."

Naomi Poltier

BA English
"Find people who you can enjoy your time with. There’s over 14,000 students at Exeter University to pick from!"

Holly Raffe

BA History
"I am really proud of the pieces of work I produced in my degree – all the hours in the library paid off!"

Joseph Schofield

BA Drama
"I have been introduced to so many interesting ideas, texts and performances that have really shaped and challenged my understanding of the world."

John Willans

BA History
"The highlight of my time at Exeter has been to see my personal confidence grow in many ways."